Font Keeper

Font Keeper

All your fonts are in one place now

You are afraid that all your fonts will be lost? Download Font Keeper, it is an excellent tool for saving them!

Font Keeper follows a cloud service principle. AZfonts account login will be required to activate the software.

When you are logged in, press "Backup Fonts" on the left side. After a couple of minutes all the font files will be proceeded to the cloud for keeping.

The program scans and displays immediately the number of fonts contained not only on your device system (including the uninstalled ones) but in your AZfonts account.

Clicking the right sidebar "Download Fonts" allows you to get the fonts from your account. Font files will be automatically installed on the device.

It's really convenient if you want to carry the fonts from one device to another. None of them will be missed!

Any fonts found while scanning are displayed in the bottom window. You can choose and copy all the fonts at once (the hotkeys Ctrl+A to choose all of them and Ctrl+C to copy) or do it individually (hover the mouse cursor over the needed font and use hotkeys Ctrl+C).

Font Keeper is a wonderful way to keep all your fonts in one place.

For Windows and Mac OS.